We are people dedicated to promote the health of human beings in all possible dimensions, providing tools for self-healing and knowledge from an integral vision of life, by improving every aspect affecting its quality.

The collective process of enhancing and broadening these points is organic and always open.

  1. Art as an attitude in front of any task. The artistic attitude makes human beings enjoy and improve any action: All verbs are Arts!

  2. All things produced by humans are then Artworks, and they can be nutritive, empty or toxic. The things are healthy and enhance health when they are nutritive for lot of people (not only the author). Let’s keep away from toxic or empty artworks!

  3. Nature as a reference and constant nutritive teacher. Life is complex and we need to lose the fear about complexity and be open to its management. Every being is singular and we can’t keep simplifying and uniforming all in a industrial style. There are no equal parts in nature!

  4. It is required to evolve personally in order to evolve collectively as a species, from an ego-centric to a world-centric point of view. Is needed to open the own source of love inside each one to stop looking for love outside one-self!

  5. The mental ability of separate the reality in parts or words (left hemisphere, the Ego), brings us to loneliness and collective disaster. It is required to reestablish the mental ability of unifying and finding what’s common in all stuff (right hemisphere, Consciousness) if we want to create communities and survive as a specie. We drive from our consciousness and we keep the ego as a simple copilot!

  6. Only love creates, unifies and builds (when is unconditional, altruist). The fear and the egoism, like child, separates ourselves and destroys. Only when we stop judging we can love and communicate in a healthy way, accepting the reality as it is in order to improve it.

  7. The common good needs to be funded by the common people, everyone with his/her possibilities, because it will never be financed by the neo-liberal capitalism. We can organize ourselves to solve the common needs of the people!

  8. The most effective way to generate a global change to Love is creating and feeding new and better common structures, better economies (fair, ecologic, cooperative, social and solidary), and stop feeding an old system, obsolete, unfair and antidemocratic, that is falling anyway.

  9. Take the decision to have real commitment with one-self and with others, to became coherent (doing what you say) and create links and community.

  10. There are two kinds of authority, the one of ruling and the one of knowing. We foster the leadership of who knows best on each matter by experience, and we reject the authority of who rules from ignorance.